Does Digital Transformation Marketing Work, Or Should I Use Marketing Ops?

Agile Blows Past Non-Rational Marketing Decisions

I was recalling a situation recently where a colleague wondered why a marketer wasn't making rational marketing decisions. While I sympathized with the colleague, I think I understood that the marketer might have been in a situation where their leadership didn't understand the power of marketing strategy, or the marketing concept. And as a result, was making decisions based on a non-rational marketing basis.

Marketers face such problems constantly, and it is the reason why I'm such a supporter of Agile Marketing. It gives marketers the tools to have a conversation with leaders about what they should be focused on. By looking at the whole scope of what a company should be spending it's time on, rather than the project that's the flavor of the moment, we are able to weigh what will have the most impact to the business overall. Marketers and leaders surely want this.

Agile marketing gives marketers the tools to argue for the benefits of marketing and push back against non-rational thinking. It takes time to show the benefits of agile, but when given, leaders can come around, and understand that if they follow the methodology, they will get more results overall.