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Help Stakeholders Understand Marketing with Agile Marketing

Chatting today with a colleague in the Agile Marketing community. Marketing as a profession suffers from a lot of stakeholders who think they know how to practice marketing. It is amazingly easy for them to ditch marketing professionals when things do not appear to be working out with expected results. However, a lot of the time, what is happening is that the plan is directed by the non-marketers rather than the marketing professionals.

To me one of the biggest benefits of Agile Marketing is its ability to open up what marketing does and enable stakeholders to see how the process works. It is the transparency of Agile Marketing that is the biggest benefit to marketers and the profession. It enables us to practice marketing how we wish by getting the stakeholders buy in because they have a better idea of what is happening.

Have you been let go as a marketer and thought that you could not do all that you wanted too, because of the constraints of communication, and the direction of stakeholders?

Have you wanted to enact on strategy, but too busy working on one off project rather than the whole marketing organization process?

Agile Marketing affords marketers with not just a process for focusing on what work needs to be done, but also a mechanism for communicating with stakeholders who do not really understand how marketing works.

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