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PeaceHealth ER Doctor PR Story

PeaceHealth's removal of Dr. Lin is likely to be one of the first corporate PR disasters of the Covid 19 outbreak here in the United States.

Not least because everyone remembers the early story of Dr. Li of Wuhan who was a medical doctor in Wuhan China, and when he tried to warn about the coronavirus outbreak he was stopped by the authorities. Dr. Li eventually died of Covid 19.

Dr. Lin in Bellingham, Washington had served at the local PeaceHealth Hospital as an emergency physician at PeaceHealth St Joseph Medical Center. Like many medical professionals concerned about the pace of action, he was using his social media to push his hospital to make changes faster. The Guardian reported, "Dr Ming Lin, repeatedly posted on his Facebook page about not having enough protective equipment, long delays in receiving coronavirus test results, and risky virus screening practices in which patients were evaluated inside the waiting room." 

He even helped to organize local resources and companies to help. On Friday Dr. Lin received news that he was no longer required at his hospital. Initially told he was terminated. There are news reports that his employment company, TeamHealth told the Guardian Dr Lin had not been terminated, but the company would be helping him find a new location to work from.

My take:

This is major PR problem for PeaceHealth. Dr. Lin has been posting for several weeks and already has quite a following.

News media across the US and world are picking up the story.

It's going to be difficult for the Hospital Network to handle the backlash. One way they can do that is to be very open about what happened and respond to questions. So, far I don’t see any statement on the company’s website. It’s far better to be open about what happened. Hiding from the media and public really isn't going to help them. Everyone will assume the worse.

This is going to have an impact on the reputation of the hospital network.

PeaceHealth Executive Leadership

PeaceHealth Board of Directors

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) – Bellingham, Washington

PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center

Meanwhile Dr. Lin has been focused on the most important issue, getting resources to the hospital in Bellingham and he states he will continue to do that even though not working at the hospital for now.