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Why Google Is Improving Content Marketing!

Chad Pollitt wrote a post suggesting that Google is the reason we have a huge volume of content in the industry.  I'm confused by Chad's statement that Google ruined Content Marketing.

(links here and here for Chad's article)

Panda from 2011 penalized poor quality websites. If you wrote poor quality content on your site, or stole content from other sites. Your entire site could be penalized. As a result many sites that had poor quality content were kicked out of the Google search engine, or their rankings were lowered.

Marketers had to change tactics, and start producing original content that was better quality. So if anything Chad's right about Google encouraging quantity before Panda, that certainly was the case. In fact, there was much criticism in the industry about the state of rankings from sites that had poor quality content. 

Google was also encouraging links from poor quality websites. Penguin was Google's effort to penalize links from poor quality content websites, now any site with lots of links from poor quality sites, content farms may be kicked out of Google.

After Panda and Penguin, marketers had to shape up, or face having zero or low traffic. The tables turned, and marketers are now producing better quality content.

If anything Google has encouraged better quality content, and also the realization that you have to make content that speaks to the searches visitors conduct.

If there are problems with the selection of quality content, then I think we can all agree that Google should work harder to improve its algorithm to detect the best content. Advances in search engine technology happen in steps, so expect to see more efforts on the part of Google to find good content.