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Marketing Project Management Vendor Questions

One of the frequent questions I’m always asked regarding agile marketing is what tools are available to manage agile marketing. Beyond a Kanban board, excel and Google Spreadsheet. There are increasingly a lot of tools for marketers to use. I’m now thinking about starting another project to query marketing project management vendors who incorporate agile marketing features in their products.

This project would be in addition to the marketing graduates at local Boston college’s project. We've been making some good progress locally in Boston with the Marketing Graduate Colleges, from inviting students to the Boston meetup, and thinking about presenting at local colleges.  And I want to continue that project, encouraging more graduate students to learn about agile marketing.

However, this other potential project in highlighting project management tool vendors that incorporate agile marketing in their designs, will help to fulfill another goal, to encourage the development of this part of the industry. To that aim, I'd like to build a list of questions for the tool vendors so marketers can quickly assess their utility and scope in the practice.

If so, what questions should we ask the vendors that would be helpful to marketers?

Here’s a few ideas:

What does your tool do in relation to marketing and agile?

How many marketers are using the tool for agile marketing?

What case studies do you have available in marketers gaining value from your tool for agile marketing?

Once we have a complete list of questions, we can start pinging vendors to answer the questions. I don’t think I have to do all of the interviews, and even the vendors can post their answers on their own blogs. Though it would be helpful if they let me know about their answers, so I can reference them in this post.