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Remember Your Customer Personas

20150728_185358Jeff Julian from Aji Software gave a presentation on content marketing and agile marketing at the Boston Agile Marketing Meet up tonight in Woburn, MA.

Jeff's background is programming. He is passionate about Microsoft, and works with the company at his programming and content strategy agency in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been using agile since 2001, early days, but is also an early pioneer in the blogging community. Having built a programming focused blogging network.  Jeff founded a startup software community in 2003, called He sold the site in 2012, when the traffic to the site had grown to 2.5 million unique visitors each month with over 100,000 pieces of content.

Overall my big takeaway from Jeff was that for marketers to remember when you are writing content, remember who your audience is, and make sure your content is both giving something of value to the audience and reinforces your message as a company.

Jeff talked about taking content out of other marketing campaigns. So for a conference, make sure you are really developing content for the personas of the people who will attend the conference. Of course, make sure the event will have attendees you are targeting!

Jeff described the different types of marketing personas for content marketing, and went into detail about how to manage content marketing using agile marketing. He is writing a book on the topic, we hope to have him back when he is published!

The next agile marketing event is on August 26th and will be on the topic of Digital Transformation.