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Boston MarTech Meet-up

Boston Marketing Technology MeetupTonight I attended the 3rd Boston Marketing Technology (martech) meet-up group in Cambridge at Microsoft's NERD center, in the common room. I think about 75+ people attended the event. Rick Kollmeyer, Founder of Boston MarTech invited me to give a lightening presentation on agile marketing. I covered the basics; overview of the concept, the link to agile dev, scrum methodology and how to start as a newbie. There were three other speakers, who were: 

  • David Butler, iPositioning - On his software for building story personas
  • Doug Banks, Boston Business Journal - On why the marketing world is in a hand basket, the consumer is on the internet, and now also using mobile + streaming video. 
  • Jeff Nicholson, Kitewheel - On his software and how to manage the customer buyer journey.

I was really interested in David's presentation, I think its because I just started a new marketing job at OnSource in Braintree (10-15 minute commute!) and I'm working on customer personas right now. His software enable you to create personas per se, though some people have used it for that, instead you create story personas, worth a look.

Doug's presentation touched on his background with MassHigh Tech, an old technology weekly business tech journal here in Massachusetts. I found it to be invaluable when I first moved to Boston. It closed in 2010. Doug has gone and come back from the BBJ several times, and is now Executive Editor. They are doing some cool things there, from the sound of their 52% jump in traffic in 3 years to 1.5 million uniques. Anyway, Doug talked about what consumers and business customers are doing now with digital. Good for marketers to think about!

Jeff had some cool software, but most interesting was his report about a study on the state of customer journeys in 2013. A must read for any New Marketer.

Boston MarTech Group

The crowd was great, lots of marketers, and a few roving sales people. The next Boston MarTech event will feature 3 speakers who will discuss their marketing stacks, very cool, I think I'll be attending. I'm planning on inviting Rick as a future speaker to the Boston Agile Marketing Group.