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A Passion For Agile Marketing

Gary DeAsi from Smartbear Software did a great job with his presentation on content and customer experiences at the Boston Agile Marketing Meet-up last week. After his session, he was peppered with questions from the audience; lots and lots of questions about his agile marketing experiences.

20150617_190116In the last 10 minutes of his presentation he talked about how he implmentented agile marketing at Smartbear Software. It makes sense that the audience was really interested in the agile marketing aspects of the presentation, afterall this was the agile marketing meet up. Though even I was surprised by how many. Though I think his talk centered on describing what content Smartbear produced and what results were generated as a result of managing marketing using agile, the talk  really told a compelling story about the practice. I think my recommendation to future speakers is not to just to focus on the mechanics of agile marketing, which Gary included in his presentation, but also give some of the highlights about results.

20150617_193544In addition, Gary is one of the key managers at Smartbear who are advocates for agile marketing, and he described how the process and management of agile marketing has changed over time. With multiple teams its no longer possible to have multiple daily meetings for many sprints. Instead a hybrid approach is used. Gary's passion for recognizing problems with managing using agile and rooting out solutions really came across in his talk, and the audience responded. These are great points for other speakers.

Lessons Learned

  • A general topic on content works well in harmony with agile marketing, the results from agile efforts provide a clearer picture of the benefits of agile marketing
  • Describing some of the issues that have changed and challenged the marketing team with managing agile provides a great story

Check out the next Boston Agile Marketing Meet-up with Jeff Jilian on July 28th.