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New Marketing Terms In The Digital Transformation Camp

This is going to be an ongoing post about the growth in terms related the New Marketing. I think I can say marketing is changing sufficiently that it is new. I recall in 2003-4-5 people were using the term New PR, because the media industry was changing so much, blogging was the lead, then social media and networks. I think marketers are in a state of such change today because of digital disruption, and savvy marketers have recognized that change. It's useful to catalog all of the terms related to the topic.

CDO - Chief Digital Officer or Chief Data Officer

Chief Marketing Technologist or Marketing Technologist

Customer Experience or CX

Customer Journey Mapping and as part of this customer personas

Growth Hacker

New Marketing

Agile Marketing

Full Stack Marketer 

That's a start, let me know if I'm missing anything.