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Marketers Give A Hand To Product Management On Content

Product management professionals talk about their product, they write collateral about the product when marketing. Whereas the drum beat for marketers has been, "stop talking about yourself and talk about what interests the customer at each stage of their buying journey".

Given the dictates of inbound and content marketing, marketers are getting closer to the customer because they have to work out what content will work for each stage of the buyer journey. If that's the case I wonder if product marketers and marketers should be developing the product and the marketing plan at the same time. I don't have an example, but I wonder if product management professionals miss out on vital information about their customer by not having enough insights on how to market products because of their focus on solution and purchase stage collateral?

It would be good to ask product management professionals this question, and determine if there is an advantage here in earlier collaboration.

Dan Flanigan gave me the idea for this question in our panel discussion on digital transformation at the 2015 productcamp today in Cambridge.