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ProductCamp Digital Transformation Panel Discussion

Last year I became interested in the concept of digital transformation, the meme described perfectly several experiences I've had while working for companies and agencies. The concept describes how businesses must prepare and transform their marketing processes to successfully market products in the new realities of different devices and channels for customers.

ProductCamp Digital Transformation SessionI decided to learn more about the concept by holding a panel discussion, and Steve Robins from the Boston Product Manager's Association helped me with putting on the event at ProductCamp coming up this Saturday, May 2nd, at 10:30 am at the NERD Center in Cambridge.

Ravi Prasad, Jeff Eckman and Dan Flanigan all agreed to appear on the panel, and we are going to talk about how digital transformation is opening marketing promotion to more product development.

ProductCamp is an all day event, is only $10, plus you get lunch. Join us for the 10:30am session.