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Marketing Maturity Mapping

Digital transformation is complicated; in large part it’s about bringing different members of the marketing team together to discuss how the team works well.  To produce more value from collaboration, each team must understand its level of maturity. If there is a maturity model to map for digital transformation, something that could only have constantly changing goal posts, there definitely should be marketing maturity models for each marketing technology team.

Benchmark your team against the industry; this requires conducting an audit to compare how your company measures up to the industry, in general and specifically with your competitors. I’m thinking it would be helpful to pick industry leaders across the marketing landscape to benchmark a company. HubSpot, Marketo, Kissmetrics, Moz, etc.

For example, if you are reviewing social media marketing, you could attempt a full content audit of your company and competitors, but that takes too long. What I’ve found really doesn’t take too long, and produces some usable results, is to identify all of the social media channels your company and your competitors regularly use. Count the metrics; likes, followers, subscribers, re-tweets etc. and compare, but also spend some time on taking 10 posts shared in social media. Review the metrics on each post, review the topic, images, quality etc. You’ll quickly find within 10 posts that you’ll get an idea of the type of content shared within the industry, and who stands out and why. You’ll be able to consider your own strategy, and think about setting some goals if you want to, and are able to commit enough resources if you discover you are playing catch-up.