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Break Out Of Your Silo & Build Your Enterprise SEO Maturity

4 Steps To Raising Your SEO Maturity

Clay Fisher wrote about the SEO Maturity Model in his post “SEO Maturity Model: Where is Your Organization?”, and described each of the stages. I thought I would pull out his notes on the topic of what to do next. It would also be interesting to develop a series of questions to determine where a company is on the maturity scale, I've added several underneath the notes.

Here's the visual of Clay's original infographic:

Organizational SEO Maturity Model by Clay Fisher

Steps & Questions for your SEO Maturity

Stage 1:Initial / Ad-hoc

1. Map out a new SEO roadmap

2. Build an education strategy for product, technology & marketing teams

3. Build a reporting process

4. Establish weekly or monthly tasks

5. Find resources and plan for projects


1. Do you have a roadmap for SEO in the company?

2. Is SEO training provided to teams within the company, if so which teams?

3. Do you have a reporting process for SEO?

4. What regular SEO tasks do you have scheduled?


Stage 2: Repeatable

1. Hire an SEO manager, freelancer or agency

2. Develop formal processes

3. Build reporting that demonstrates value


1. Do you have enough dedicated resources to build a repeatable SEO process?


Stage 3: Defined

1. Make sure SEO knowledge goes beyond one silo (marketing)


1. Is SEO knowledge restricted to certain departments?


Stage 4: Managed & Measured

1. Develop your reporting to show ppc and organic overlap, halo effect on other media, and key consumer behavior metrics.

2. Research new growth strategies.


1. How comprehensive is your reporting?

2. What new growth strategies do you have planned?


Stage 5: Optimized

You've reached the pinnacle of SEO maturity, keep up the good work.

Search Maturity Model

Scott Brinker at Ion Interactive also worked on a search marketing maturity model. I found his model to be very helpful, except the model was developed in 2008, long before many of the changes to the Google algorithm, the rise of Bing and smartphones. The model needs some work to bring it up-to-date, fortunately Scott made his model open source.

Search Marketing Maturity Model