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2015's Model Of Search Engine Marketing Maturity

Recently I wrote a post about the existing models of SEO or Search Marketing Maturity. I'm wondering if we need a new model given all of the changes in the last 7-8 years with the internet. In thinking about digital transformation for enterprise SEO, I'm thinking that each silo needs its own maturity model, the team responsible for managing a particular silo needs to consider their own discipline in the light of their own tactic's maturity model.

Demand Metric is a Canadian global marketing research & advisory firm and has a public relations maturity model, plus a content marketing maturity model and many more maturity models. Although I note the company doesn't have a search marketing model. Maturity Models - Image of a representative ship model

SEO Maturity Model Questions

I've developed a few questions around the search marketing maturity model, and the gap between organization silos. I'm interested in using these questions to query enterprise SEO's to understand what is the current model for maturity in search marketing, and how such models are helping companies transform themselves for the realities of the evolving web eco-system.

Here are my questions:

1) Do we need a new model for search marketing maturity? If so what elements should go into the maturity model, given all of the changes we've seen in the last few years?

Here's a post I wrote about the existing models of SEO or Search Marketing Maturity.

2) What is your organization's current search marketing maturity level?

3) Is there a gap between other organizational silos in company's and SEO's? How can SEO's and the other silos bridge the gap?

Here's a post I wrote on the topic of digital transformation and enterprise SEO. What do you think? does it explain the idea of a gap between different silos, or did I miss anything?

Lastly, for bonus points, how would you reorganize the search marketing maturity model for today's world of search marketing? I figure that all of the changes that have occurred in the last five years with the Google Algorithm, Bing & Yahoo! Plus, the new SEO tools that are available for small companies and enterprise SEO that the model has to be updated. So it would be interesting to get different opinions on the issue.

Image Credit: Paul Stainthorp, Napoleonic model ships #3