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5 Tips On Writing Good Content

Here are some tips on writing  good content article writing...

  1. Take the important keywords you are targeting and search Google, review each of the top ten pages for each of the keyword searches, and review all of the content. Pull out ideas and references to the keywords and put them aside as you create your brief for an article.
  2. In addition collect any links to good sources to content. Provide these links in your content, and provide a quick synopsis of the content, praising the value of the site.
  3. Look for opportunities to develop images, or charts and graphics, if you see an opportunity ask your content team to source a better picture, or to create a picture that helps tell the story of your article.
  4. Search social media, and Google News to see what’s current on related keywords, add the flavor of the moment, additional links, or try to personalize the content.
  5. Lastly, if your content speaks to a community with influencers, or given to contributions, then ask a question of the community and/or influencers and quote the influencers, community members. Alternatively provide a chart of a survey with the community.