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Jim Ewel Builds A World Class Marketing Team

Last night I attended Jim Ewel's excellent presentation on the marketing maturity model and creating a world class marketing team at the Boston Agile Marketing Meet-up at OpenView Venture Partners in the Innovation District in Boston.

Jim covered a lot of ground, touching on how agile marketing can be used by marketers to achieve marketing and business goals. The tactic is still very early in development amongst the marketing community and a lot of confusion exists. Jim also described how he envisions building that world class marketing team both in terms of the people, their expertise, and the approaches people should be prepared to use to succeed.

Jim skipped over the details of agile marketing, but that's because he was including ideas for marketers on the broad scope of what's available today. (You can learn more about the mechanics of agile marketing at the Agile Marketing Facebook Group.)

The State Of Agile Marketing

A small group of marketers have been attempting to promote the concept to the wider marketing community. We hosted SprintZero in San Francisco two years ago in June of 2012, and since then the community has really expanded. The San Francisco meetup group has over 1600 members, and new groups have started organically in Shanghai and Bangkok. The organizing team here in Boston wants to grow the concept on the East coast, but we need continued momentum, more speakers, and more people to help spread the ideas within the marketing community.

Agile is just one element of several new approaches to marketing, which Jim Ewel's presentation illustrated are helping to give new tools to marketers; agile, lean and growth hacking being some of them. I and my friends in the Boston agile marketing community would like to highlight more of these ideas to the wider marketing audience. We want to put on more events, and also think about hosting a second conference, SprintOne. If you are interested in Agile Marketing and other ways to get more results from your marketing efforts, check out the Boston agile marketing group, plus the agile marketing group on Facebook