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True Customer Experience Comes From Employee Engagement #CXday

CX Day kicked off in the States when Jeannie Walters of 360Direct hosted a Google Hangout with Jim Rembach and Stan Phelps. The topic was how important is employee engagement to providing customer experience? Jim and Stan both did a great job of explaining the importance of employee engagement for CX. Jim started the discussion by explaining you need happy employees to create engaged customers, and that if a company is going to be successful, it really starts with working with employees to ensure they are engaged. Stan Phelps has a lot of case studies that back up this approach, while Jim suggested any company has to apply a set of principles when it comes to employee engagement, tips on how to engage employees included:

  • Recognize the employees who are most engaged, recognize the best
  • Senior leadership needs to spend time with employees to create the feeling of being valued
  • Create an environment that's open and transparent
  • Focus on employees’ first, try to build the culture you are seeking, culture is a commitment, not a campaign
  • Recognition is something that's ongoing; recognition can be a driver of performance
  • Treating employees how they want to be treated, it’s not about the leader, it’s about the employees

The panel suggested you can have a contrived customer experience, using incentives, and metrics, but to be truly successful, you have to develop a culture of customer experience with employees. Phelps, described how Doug Conant, former President, CEO and Director at Campbell Soup Company, wrote over 30,000 hand written notes to employees thanking them for their work, and as a result he succeeded in improving the culture of the Campbell Soup company. This process is how you make a genuine customer experience culture that sticks with employees.