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Head of Europe’s Oldest Baseball Club (100 years) Comes To Boston

Honkbal club logoHaving lived in several states, California, Washington State, and North Carolina, I believe there’s no State or maybe region like Massachusetts and New England for Baseball. Here in Boston the sport is celebrated like no other.

A colleague of mine at my company, SDL, is visiting from the Netherlands next week to provide training and consult with the team here in Boston, Joost Comperen.

Joost is a great colleague, one of those people who is always missed when ever he goes on vacation, dedicated, and very much a techy and web guy. Beyond the  web he has another side, he is the Head of the Quick Basecall club in the Netherlands, yes, you read that correctly, they play baseball in the Netherlands, and not only that, the Dutch have been playing Baseball since 1911, and Joost’s club is the oldest club in Europe having been founded in 1913.


Modern image
Modern Quick Team
This is Joost’s first trip to Boston, and as he is such a big fan of the game he is making a pilgrimage to Fenway Park, he will be flying in next week, and seeing a game next weekend to see the Blue Jays.


As President of Quick Amsterdam he is overseeing the 100th Anniversary of the club, the current club made a commemorative book, "100 years A.H.C. Quick,” AHC stands for 'Amsterdamsche Honkbal Club' about the last one hundred years showing pictures of the original team, and one of today’s teams dressed in similar garb worn by the team from the early 20th century. 1913 image Quick

2013 Image Quick
The Quick Baseball Club in 1913


To me Joost’s visit presents an opportunity for Boston, for a region so connected with the history of Baseball, what an opportunity to spread good international relations to the Netherlands by reaching out to the oldest club in Europe.


The Quick Jubilee book