Agile Marketing Movement Update 11/01
Agile Marketing Update 01/03/13

A Basket Of Jewels Or The Hope Diamond? An SEO Question

A colleague of mine suggests that search engine optimization should be conducted like this...

A series of keywords should be researched, and one keyword phrase selected along with several 'halo' terms for a page.

And that the expectation is not that you'd get a ranking for the selected term, but you'd get ranking on that page for several keyword phrases.

My understanding has always been that you target one page for one keyword phrase, if you happen to get additional rankings for that keyword phrase all well and good, but really the focus should be on getting the ranking for the one phrase, so when you build the page, content should be developed with that phrase in mind.

What do you think? And what do you think would be the results and consequences of each strategy in today’s SEO world?