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Running Lean By Ash Maurya: Book Review

Runninglean_cover_frontAs an author I know what it takes to plan, design and launch a well-executed book. Ash Maurya has done this with his excellent book, "Running Lean: Iterate from plan A to a plan that works."

The book describes the process of how entrepreneurs use lean processes to develop their business idea planning and gives tips and a process on execution to test and grow their businesses.

Not only have the processes and templates described in the book been well tested by many entrepreneurs. But in this 2nd edition of the book every page gives value and careful tips.

My highlights are the lead canvas section in chapter 3; lean canvas is a tool for writing your business model succinctly, one that changes and evolves over time. Mr. Maurya even developed a business around the concept. I especially like the software’s ability to update the planning tool as the entrepreneur’s clarity around their product evolves.

I also liked the sections on interviewing customers in chapters 6 & 7. You find detailed instructions on what to do and why. The customer interview descriptions are to help identify the biggest problems for customers rather than what works or doesn't work for the company's product. The interview section include line by line examples of how the interviews were sought and conducted, using Mr. Maurya’s own company, Cloudfire.

I personally love how-to's, in that I don't just want an author to give me a theory, but also a case study of what works, you will find this section to be one of the most useful in the book, as Ash state's, he "promised a repeatable, actionable, process for building products." p.170. And Mr. Maurya’s book keeps its promises, you will gain ideas, processes, and value from this well executed book!