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I'm working on the workshop for the SprintZero: Agile Marketing Operating Principles with Jim Ewel and Travis Arnold directly, we are using calls, the Agile Marketing Facebook Group, and Quora to corral our ideas and ask for input from the community. Here's my current write up for the main workshop, which I'm sure will change. But it would be good to get input from the community.

The SprintZero team will develop a series of operating principles, starting with the existing articles published in the community the team will review each of the existing manifestos, and write up a synopsis of each.

We will then present the extended list at the workshop. Perhaps we will write out all of the existing manifestos and publish them on large pieces of paper on the walls, as well as putting them in a conference booklet.

The audience will discuss each principle, giving say two minutes for each principle with the audience, we may ask, what do you think of the principle, does the description sound right? We will also ask the participants to give any additional suggestions.

Once the participants have agreed on the final list, each participant will take five colored spots and place them next to each principle. Once voting has finished we will tally up the results and determine if there are some obvious leading principles, maybe we exclude any principles that only have one vote? I suggest we aim for 7 or 9 principles. Those numbers are good to aim for, as they are enough to make you think its worth reading, and not too many to exhaust the reader. We might also order the principles to state what are the most important principles.