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Marketing In The Round

I was excited to hear about Geoff Livington and Gini Dietrich's new book, "Marketing in the Round," a book about "organizations have been bedeviled with organizational silos that prevent them from conversing with customers in a coherent voice, delivering the right messages to each customer, and building real synergies across all their marketing and communications programs."

I asked Geoff whether his book about the number of new channels now available to marketers. How marketers don't have a framework for building content across channels and strategies? And also does the book cover the issue of getting your agencies to work together?

He replied, "the book does delve deeply into the cross channel discussion with suggestions on approaches and methods."

On the matter of agencies. I was thinking it was a matter of companies realizing they need agencies that play together well, and asking agencies to collaborate. Plus agencies realizing they cannot do everything, even though they sometimes do, but realizing that they may not have the contract for the portion of the content business where they need help. And it is in the client's and agency's interests to collaborate because working across strategies is how the eco-system of the web and content works today, even though the structure of working with agencies may not always.

This whole discussion connects with my concept of content gardens, the agile marketing movement, real-time marketing and even lean. Though content gardens don't provide a process for managing the new publishing dilemmas with multiple channels and strategies. What I like about the book is the title, "marketing in the round," it simply and elegantly explains the dilemma's currently faced by marketers. How do you build a process for the current changes in marketing. I look forward to reading the book.