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What's The State Of Corporate Book Promotions Through Ebooks?

When I worked at a custom publishing house I did some of that work on the topic of ebooks, and really got into the process with Apple, and other companies.

I was wondering if there been any movement in ebook providers enabling publishers to sell books to corporations to distribute through ebooks?

For example, a publisher would sell 10,000 copies to IBM. 

IBM would distribute the 10,000 books through an ebook for free to clients, as a way to promote their services and software business.

The ability to conduct this sort of transaction has been that the ebook providers did not let you provide books for free to select customers, you either had to provide them for free or sell them, no middle ground.

If ebook providers enabled the process of providing books for free or a lower cost to select people, publishers would be able to sell 10's of thousands of books at once.

Many companies like IBM have a corporate book giveaway program, but this method would give them a bigger channel, maybe provide better data in aggregate, and go to where customers are increasingly reading content.

Any progress on this question?