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Social Media Curmudgeons Beware

I’m getting tired of the social media marketing guru bashing meme. Have you heard the meme? Basically, someone states that social media consultants don’t consider marketing, and are focusing on followers instead of sales. Also, those gurus probably haven’t been in social media for very long.

Well, I started looking at social media for marketing in 2003 and I’d say it did not take me that long to get up to speed, and apply what I’ve learned in marketing to the media over the years. I would have thought most people who are social media marketing consultants and gurus make sure they include marketing in their approach and thinking and don’t focus on followers. Otherwise they would starve…

Isn’t it also a little bit mean spirited to bash other people? Though certainly, I have some colleagues who are important influencers who bash other people.  I’m not saying you are intentionally being mean spirited but I bring up the issue because I wondered, if you use the meme, you had considered that your message might give the wrong impression. In this climate of an election year maybe we all think it's okay to go negative.

However, have you considered that if you start hearing the same meme from everyone:

  • Clients are going to tune out.
  • Any gurus who are not talking the talk of marketing and social media, soon will be. Oh, and they will probably be bashing other social media gurus as well!
  • I always suspect the point of the meme is to get the reader (client) to not pay attention to other gurus, and buy from the person who is being the curmudgeon. Hey, maybe we should have a rule, if you use the meme you have to give three recommendations to people you respect who know something about social media marketing, then you’d prove that you’re not just selling something and don’t have a conflict of interest.

Anyway I digress… I think the social media guru bashing meme needs a re-shoot, it sounds too much like what everyone else is doing, and it is beginning to be too repetitive. Instead, how about focusing on how you do social media marketing. Even though I’m not an engineer, given my Dad was a computer programmer from the 1960s and I have other relatives who are in technology,  my familial connections have always given me the inclination in marketing to open up the marketing process hood and see how things are actually managed, and measured, and how we build a better marketing mousetrap. Instead of bashing other people how about educating what works in social media marketing, and sharing that with the crowd.