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Project To Audit The Fortune 100 Entries on Wikipedia

The CREWE, a Facebook group of PR professionals, Wikipedians, and marketers like myself are working together on a number of projects to bring more accurate corporate data to Wikipedia through the help of corporate representatives. As part of the discussion we have a few different projects, including an effort to audit top corporations for their data in Wikipedia. By doing so we have to establish the need for more corp. representative involvement in the wikipedia site.

Robert Lawton, a Wikipedia editor suggested the CREWE project here are the details:

An audit of the Fortune and FTSE 100 companies with a document list of errors by type: financials, business lines (etc). Such an audit shouldn't be difficult to publish and would be immediately picked up by the main stream media along the lines of "don't count on Wikipedia for your financial research". This would open the door to the idea of giving paid editors a more equal status when it comes to publishing appropriately sourced neutral facts. (background: Wikipedia's editors have two very sensitive spots: accuracy and neutrality. Allowing paid editors to edit rubs against the grain of neutrality. However, an appeal to accuracy may help overcome it, hence the proposal to run the audit.) (Suggestion: Global 1000, or Fortune 10 from each country where we have enough interest (John Cass)). (Robert Lawton)

As we have over 100 people in the Facebook group. We'd like your help in taking a company to contact the comms. people at the company to ensure the entries of the company in question are accurate. Please access the Wikipedia Audit spreadsheet (, add your name in the "owner" field and a corp rep to check the accuracy of the Wikipedia entry.

1          Wal-Mart Stores

2          Exxon Mobil

3          Chevron

4          ConocoPhillips

5          Fannie Mae

6          General Electric

7          Berkshire Hathaway

8          General Motors

9          Bank of America Corp.

10        Ford Motor

11        Hewlett-Packard

12        AT&T

13        J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.

14        Citigroup

15        McKesson

16        Verizon Communications

17        American International Group

18        International Business Machines

19        Cardinal Health

20        Freddie Mac

21        CVS Caremark

22        UnitedHealth Group

23        Wells Fargo

24        Valero Energy

25        Kroger

26        Procter & Gamble

27        AmerisourceBergen

28        Costco Wholesale

29        Marathon Oil

30        Home Depot

31        Pfizer

32        Walgreen

33        Target

34        Medco Health Solutions

35        Apple

36        Boeing

37        State Farm Insurance Cos.

38        Microsoft

39        Archer Daniels Midland

40        Johnson & Johnson

41        Dell

42        WellPoint

43        PepsiCo

44        United Technologies

45        Dow Chemical

46        MetLife

47        Best Buy

48        United Parcel Service

49        Kraft Foods

50        Lowe's

51        INTL FCStone

52        Lockheed Martin

53        Merck

54        Goldman Sachs Group

55        Express Scripts

56        Intel

57        Sears Holdings

58        Caterpillar

59        Chrysler Group

60        Safeway

61        Supervalu

62        Cisco Systems

63        Morgan Stanley

64        Prudential Financial

65        Walt Disney

66        Comcast

67        Sysco

68        Sunoco

69        Abbott Laboratories

70        Coca-Cola

71        New York Life Insurance

72        Northrop Grumman

73        FedEx

74        Hess

75        Ingram Micro

76        Johnson Controls

77        Aetna


79        Humana

80        Enterprise Products Partners

81        Honeywell International

82        Liberty Mutual Insurance Group

83        News Corp.

84        DuPont

85        Sprint Nextel

86        General Dynamics

87        TIAA-CREF

88        Delta Air Lines

89        Allstate

90        HCA Holdings

91        American Express

92        Google

93        Tyson Foods

94        Philip Morris International

95        Time Warner

96        Oracle

97        3M

98        Deere

99        Plains All American Pipeline

100        Rite Aid