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Coca Cola's Content 2010 Business Comic Video

As Joe reports Coca-Cola has developed a new content marketing strategy for the next decade. The company developed a video to explain the new strategy. Check out the videos:

Coca Cola Business Comic Video 1

Coca Cola Business Comic Video 2


Here's my initial take on the videos:

Content development is seen as important. However, what I noticed was that it wasn't just about creating the highest quality content, but also, an understanding that rich engagement with audiences has to be conducted in order to improve content, and also gain insights and promote content effectively. Good content, without engagement, and all that it means is important, but engagement really empowers a company.

Business comics, an old idea, and one I discussed a lot earlier in the life of this blog was central to the video. The value of business comics is once again demonstrated with the video. The idea was simple show the cartoonist drawing, coupled with a voice over actor. Part way through the video I was thinking, I wonder if we will pan back from the drawing to reveal the complete comic? Spoiler alert: Yes the video pans, but what shape the comic is designed for will have to be something you discover from watching the videos yourself.