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Syndicated Contextual Content

Syndicated Contexual Content is the idea of taking content developed in one medium for syndication, and editing, and optimizing the content for other media.

With the growth of social media and the explosion of social networks, marketers and communicators are having a tough time keeping up with the diversity of channels, and the ability to write content that works for each channel.

Instead of making unique content for each channel, though unavoidable sometimes; think video, text and audio (You can transform content in one format into another channel); make content that works across channels, but contextualize the content for each channel.

Syndication makes your content go further, but you have to avoid some of the mishaps of the digital eco-system. Google's drive for content quality means marketers have to avoid duplicating their content. Which means if you want to syndicate you have to either adjust the content, or ensure the content is tagged as original and devolved.

Syndicated contextual content may help avoid some of the duplication issues, but more importantly, you'll develop content that works for each media environment.

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