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7 Tips You'd Give A PR Graduate Getting Into Communications?

One of my interns is a PR graduate, and I thought it would be great to get some collective wisdom for him. Here's some great advice from colleagues, friends and social media land. If you have any ideas, please share on the topic of advice you'd give on how to get into communications.

Chuck Hester 1. Learn to write 2. Join LinkedIn 3. Read every day 4. Learn to hold a conversation 5. Travel 6. Build a brand 7. Pay it forward!

David Horne 1. start blogging 2. assoc. w/ people that stretch you 3. listen. 4. be curious 5. seize opportunity 6. have fun 7. work on you

Jeremy Pepper Don't go into PR but marcom.

Sherrilyne Starkie hone your writing skills.

Kevin Briody 1. bld your own voice 2. always learn 3. love thy analytics 4. network like hell 5. get GREAT at project mgmt... 6. be humble (no "gurus" please) but 7. be willing to take a position and fight for it. My 7!

Charlie Browning Content marketing and comm strategy is broader and more valuable. Focus on learning psychology, usability, methods of persuasion, content development (audio, video, long and short form copy) program and process management, debate/public speaking and teamwork... those are all key! 8-)

Chuck Tanowitz Learn to write from people who truly know how to tell stories such as fiction writers, long-form journalists and TV drama writers. Learn the elements of a story, including character, plot development, tension, story arc, etc. Look at the American Experience and what factors drive behavior in a society.

Tony Loftis It's not about public relations as much as communications.

Bobbie Carlton I tend to talk about integrated marketing, not PR, these days -- marketing programs, social media, etc. I want also my people to understand that PR isn't just media relations -- it is so much more.