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2012 SNCR Research Ideas

Chatting with Todd Van Hoosear tonight regarding possible research projects for 2012 for SNCR, we came up with the following ideas:

1. Open innovation

  • How open innovation uses social crowd sourcing for internal and external ideas?

2. Who owns social business?

  • Does it matter who owns social business?
  • Everyone should have a role.
  • Look at web content management system providers.
  • Publishing process and optimization process.

 3. The new role of IT

  • Formerly the gatekeeper.
  • Security.
  • Problems with too much blockage?
  • Wrong approaches.
  • How do you change the culture of IT? Has it changed?
  • Systems, security and apps.

 4. Content Gardens

  • Case studies.

 5. Brand Journalism

  • Shield laws.
  • Risks and advantages.
  • Survey of brand journalism.
  • Emphasis on journalism.
  • What's the status of journalism at brands?

 We were thinking 2, 4, and 5 sounded most interesting. What do you think?