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Ideas For Finding Allie Loftis

Need Your Help To Find Allie Loftis In New York City

R-ALLIE-LOFTIS-large570A friend of mine, Tony Loftis, here in Boston, is a great PR and Social Media guy. His daughter went missing in New York City over a week ago.

Tony and his wife Christina need the help of everyone living in NYC, who has friends or colleagues in NYC, or who has a social  network that includes people in NYC.

His daughter is 13 and ran away from home on the 4th of November.

Please share with your community, but also please send your PR and social media ideas to Tony about how to get the word out in New York City. You can find updates on the Allie Loftis facebook page.

Here's the Huffington Post article on Allie.

Allie Loftis, who is biracial and 5' 4" with brown hair, was last seen wearing a black hip-length coat with grey fur, jeans and Uggs. Anyone with information on Loftis should contact FindAllieLoftis@gmail.com or call the New York City Missing Persons squad at 212-694-7781.

 11/16/2011 update:

Allie Loftis was found today! Great news!