Need Your Help To Find Allie Loftis In New York City
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Ideas For Finding Allie Loftis

I've been thinking more about what I can do to help Tony Loftis find his daughter in New York City. See my blog post from yesterday. I was chatting with Bob Collins, and we were thinking that how the marketing and communications professions can help out in the search is by sharing with their community, but also sharing their ideas of how we can get the word out in the New York area. So if you have ideas please let me or Tony Loftis know. Here are some ideas Bob and I had:

 -Contact five people we know directly by phone or in-person and ask them to ask five people.

-Reach out to professional organizations with local chapters in New York.

-Reach out to heads of marketing, PR and social media at retail companies with locations in New York.

-Set up a wikipedia page for Allie Loftis, wikipedia tends to swamp the search engine results.

-Set up podcast interviews with Tony Loftis and podcasters in social media and communications.

If you have more ideas please let me know, or want to implement an idea run with it,  Tony and his family really need our help, and if you are in marketing, PR or social media you are probably a really good ideas person, and one way you can help is by sharing what ideas you'd have to get the word out more.

Here's the Huffington Post article on Allie.

Allie Loftis, who is biracial and 5' 4" with brown hair, was last seen wearing a black hip-length coat with grey fur, jeans and Uggs. Anyone with information on Loftis should contact or call the New York City Missing Persons squad at 212-694-7781.

 11/16/2011 update:

Allie Loftis was found today! Great news!