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How To Pitch Me....

I get lots of pitches and most of them don't work... in fact I'd say less than 5% of the PR pitches I receive work for me.

I'm a marketer, and I work in industry, I conduct marketing for Newlogic, a management consulting company for strategic consulting advice to R&D leaders. When someone wants to pitch a story to me I'm really interested in just a few things... marketing & PR stories about successful campaigns.

This means I typically don't really care about the launch of a new product, unless you have a new method for getting the word out about your product. And even then I'd much rather see some numbers on the topic.

If you pitch me stories about social media I may be more inclined to write about them, but not necessarily, in fact good traditional marketing campaigns that produce results would be just as interesting to me, if you have a good ROI.

Stories related to large company corporate social media are very interesting to me, how you run social media, and if you have a corporate blog for a fortune 500 company, I'd like to add you to my list of Fortune 500 companies with a blog.

I think a big way to get my attention is to show a campaign and its results. Eloqua did just that in my article, "Marketing ROI On Eloqua’s Social Media Playbook & Content Grid Infographic."

The Eloqua story is a good model for the type of stories I like to write.