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Tech Day Camp In Quincy MA 10/22 (Free Parking)

Massachusetts is very much like France. In that as Paris dominates the rest of the country, Boston plays a larger than life role in the culture, economy, and life of Massachusetts. Technology and social media is no different for the state, and despite over 800,000 people living south of Boston there's hardly a tweet up or social media event between Boston and the Cape.

Well, my good friends Reiko and Tom Beach are changing all of that by hosting the South Shore tweet up (meets first Wednesday of the month at the Summer Shack in Hingham) and hosting Tech Day Camp, a one day technology, social media and business event on Saturday October 22nd in Quincy Massachusetts.

The event is being held at Eastern Nazarene College Old Colony Campus, Adams Executive Center (not on the main campus for EN College), 180 Old Colony Avenue, Quincy, MA 02170, and we have great directions.

Unlike Boston, this being the South Shore there's plenty of free parking!

I'm speaking... but don't let that stop you from attending, there are plenty of friends and colleagues who will make sure you have a great time, and leave with a few ideas.

Speakers include: Alison Edmands, Diane Danielson, Diane Darling, Ed Justen, Ja-Nae Duane, Jame Coletti, Jeff Cutler, John Haydon, Joselin Mane, Kurt Eng, Leslie Poston, Marc Pitman, Matt Ulvila, Michael Hertz, Shea Baker, Skip Bensley, Tricia White,

Lastly, my good friend and colleague Christina Inge, VP of Social Media at the Boston AMA is speaking, Chrissy is a fellow Marketer, and always has some great information to impart!

Register today, or do Tom and Reiko a great favor and RT:

#techdaycamp Sat 10/22, Quincey MA free parking

Did I mention there was free parking...