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Best Buy's Ethics Blog: A Blunder In Corporate Communications?

Kathleen Edmond's blog makes chilling reading, her series of posts regarding Best Buy employee fraud and deception, causes me to wonder if most Best Buy employees are that way...

I think an individual post about the transgressions of a Best Buy employee on an a general Best Buy blog would provide insight and training for employees. But Kathleen's blog posts are a series of posts about the transgressions of employees. Ethics at Best Buy from this casual observer is a matter for non-managerial employees. I found it difficult to find any posts about bad corporate executive behavior on the part of Best Buy. Here I didn't read through the whole blog. One post that did include an executive breaking the company’s ethics rules in Asia resulted in Best Buy changing their rules to fit the scenario.

In the art of communication sometimes it’s important to look across all of your work, and see what impression that work gives to the world around you. I think it’s admirable that Best Buy is willing to discuss issues of transparency in public, but if every post on the blog is about the bad behavior of Best Buy non-managerial employees, you give the impression to customers that Best Buy employees in the stores and customer service are not to be trusted, and to employees Best Buy is Big Brother.

Transparency does not mean you reveal everything, you can choose what to talk about and what not to discuss, but surely this ethics blog is a communications blunder, not because of the individual stories, but because what impression the series of posts gives to the reader, and what the blog doesn't say about Best Buy corporate executive behavior. What do you think?