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Finding The Best Social Media Publisher

Social Media Book Publishers If you are looking for a publisher for a book about social media, content marketing, or brand journalism, which publisher is the best to approach from an author's perspective?

Note: The elements to consider regarding a good publisher from an author's point of view are; 1) an advance, 2) the publisher gives support to the book; editing, book development and an indexer, 3) the publisher has a process for helping to market your book through PR and marketing efforts.

These were the questions Jeff Cutler and I pondered at today's Media Makers in Jamaica Plain in Boston. Jeff is a published author, and wants to publish another book related to writing and social media, and I've been published and I am thinking ahead to my next book or collaboration.

I'd like to use this post, and Jeff is going to write one on his blog on the same topic, to query social media authors about their recommendations for book publishers. Quotes can be anonymous or credited. Tell me what you found to be positive about your publisher, and please give insights on the three areas I've discussed above; 1) advance, 2) support, and 3) marketing.