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8 Years Blogging

Eight years ago I'd just moved to Boston from Seattle, and I was chatting with my old boss, Ian Lurie from Portent Interactive, he had just started a blog to run some tests to see what affect a blog would have on search results. I didn't have a website at the time, but I thought it would be interesting to use a blog to create some content around marketing, and see what influence a blog could have on search rankings. I played around with some blogspot blogs in May, and then in August when Typepad launched I decided to create this blog. First I attempted to get but the url was taken, pr was next, so I called this blog PR Communications. It made sense anyway because PR fuels how the eco-system of the web works anyway. August 2011 represents the 8th anniversary of this blog. It continues to be a resource for me to write about marketing, business, and the web.