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Tornados, Royal Weddings And The City On A Hill

Boston State House Well I’m back! That’s to say I’ve returned to Boston from my time in Greensboro, North Carolina. And very glad to be back too! Boston is a great city, historic, technologically advanced and live and active when it comes to the social media scene. Plus the Grandparents are in the area!

But what a week its been, from the tragedy of the country’s worse Tornado weather since the 1930’s, to the country, and the world by the numbers, getting some charming relief from the economic recession with a Will and Kate’s wedding in London. I think everyone will remember this week.

I think everyone has some personal stories this week, for us it was dodging Tornados in Washington D.C. to having to scramble to find a new storage unit, after the one we booked had a comedy of errors, from the gate not working, to elephant sized hole caused by a snowplow, only to discover the roof had previously collapsed in our building, and the alternative building’s unit had a flooded floor. Marketing really is all about perception, but sometimes it’s all about reality, making sure the product doesn’t harm the customer!

Very glad to be back, and getting used to the cadence of Boston accents again, I hope to put together a ice cream social very soon, if interested let me know here, email me, or dm me on twitter!