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How To Make A Great Event From #whatsbrewing

Take away: To make money you have to spend money....

Last night I attended the #whatsbrewing tweet up and video shoot at the Antler agency in Boston on South Street near South Station. The second video for the collaboration between Antler and Massachusetts chapter of Girls Pint Out. There was a panel discussion consisting of brewers and marketing executives from several beer and cider companies; Magners Irish Cider, Narragansett Beer, Notch, Pintley, and Drink Craft Beer, moderated by Antler co-founder Terry Lozoff. The panel was great from a discussion on how social media is giving smaller brewers a level playing field with larger brewers, to the popularity of using eco-kegs!

Antler's in-house brew master was stirring up a concoction, with help from the crowd and twitter on the recipe. Antler's in-house band, The Brewers played accompanying music, and ran a game of "name that tune," for people to have a crack at adding another item to the beer recipe.

There was pizza, Antler's brand beers and stouts; this was a well run and executed event for both the video and audience watching. And for me illustrates that execution, and making the effort to really develop good content and marketing is what any company really has to do to get any sort of ROI from their marketing efforts. The old saying "to make money you have to spend money," applies here. Even if you are not into free beer #whatsbrewing is worth a visit for marketing execution.

Whats Brewing - Episode One - Trailer from Antler on Vimeo.