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3 Tips On Scoping News With Real Time Marketing

Google started providing real time search results in 2009.  David Meerman Scott writes in his new book, Real Time Marketing & PR. The event was a major news item .

David's first response on discovering the news about Google new service was to go to his media update tools on Google and Twitter to discover if other people had written up the event already. They had, and as a result David was disappointed. But as David describes on page 21 of Real Time Marketing, he writes a mini case study on how to manage marketing in today's fast paced media world.

  1. Monitor what's happening in the news and be ready to give analysis on news events where context is relevant to your services and product.
  2. Don't worry too much about quick reporting scopes; rather be concerned about providing analysis from the growing body of thought leaders in your space.
  3. Being first means you are a leader in the industry and host for the community.