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São Paulo's Social Media Scene

Rodrigo Capella, editor of the blog PR Interview ( has been kind enough to write up a round-up of the Sao Paulo communications scene, here's his guest post. 


Sao Paulo has been consolidated itself as one of the most important centers of digital communication in Latin America. It's very interesting to watch this transformation closely. If before the PR agencies only sent information to the media via traditional press release, nowadays they are increasing the use of modern tools such as Social Media Press Release, podcast and video-release. In this context, some groups, websites and virtual events are highlights. I am going to present a few of them, ten actually, as a request of John Cass (@johncass), editor of the blog PR Communications:

Congresso Mega Brasil de Comunicação (Mega Brazil Congress of Communication): From May 24th  to May 27th , Sao Paulo will host this important event, which will address various aspects of digital communication, like the impact of social media in corporate activities. The program includes lectures and courses. More information:

Congresso Internacional para os Líderes de Comunicação (International Congress for Communication Leaders): Another important event focused on digital communication will occur in Sao Paulo, May 09-10th. The event will discuss “The new owners of the web”, “Public Relations in new phase”, “Brand equity”, and “The challenges of contemporary communication”, among other topics. Some speakers: @cesarpaz, @YaraPeres, and @rosanacomenta. Information:

Grupo de PR Digital da Associação Brasileira das Agências de Comunicação (Digital PR Group of the Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies): Coordinated by @evasques, this group is comprised of digital communication professionals. Online or in-person meetings, the participants exchange experiences and discuss cases.

ComRemix: This blog brings the latest trends in social media communication. Enjoy:

Nós da Comunicação (We from Communication): This portal hosts several in-person discussions about the changes in communication. It is worth knowing:

Comunique-se (Communicate!): This website performs, from time to time, on-line discussions with media professionals, highlighting the changes faced by journalists and PRs. The website also conducts courses about digital communication in Sao Paulo. These courses cover various aspects of Digital PR, like the use of video-releases, images and podcasts in the platform of Social Media Press Release, a technique often used in The United States and that has been gaining importance in Brazil. Visit: 

PQN: The newsletter of the PQN Magazine, with strong approach in Sao Paulo, discusses key issues for Communicator 2.0. Check out:

Aberje: In addition to publishing articles on their website, the Brazilian Association for Business Communication (Associação Brasileira de Comunicação Empresarial) promotes discussions about the new face communication with national and international experts. Also worth visiting:

Observatório da Imprensa (Press Observatory): This website discusses the media, its relevance and its transformation. Track:

Mundo RP (PR’s World): This website stands out for its comprehensive coverage of communication events. Check out: