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Does Google Panda | Farmer Support More Blogging?

The recent Google Panda (Farmer) update is a welcome change for me, not only does the update put an emphasis on quality content, but also quality links. In that just as it’s important to develop a website that has good quality content, you also have to make sure you've developed links from sites with good quality content.

I've previously listed some issues to watch out for in avoiding becoming a content farm, but I also think this change represents a return to some of the successful sites we saw five years ago.

Content, its quality and volume will I believe continue to play an important role in gaining a ranking on search engines. Just as the quantity of content plays an important role in social influence, especially if the volume of content is shareable and is shared by a community.

But as I’ve long argued that building relationships with community members will produce better results than just content strategies. In recent years I began to doubt whether that was the case because of the results we'd seen on Google. All that was required was to develop sufficient volume and enough links to achieve ranking with out too much concern about the quality of content, or the quality of conversation.

Quite a few pundits have suggested that blogging is dead; I'm thinking the recent update will actually see something of a resurgence in blogging, partly because companies will now be looking for better quality of sites, and a focused blog on a topic with strong opinions is probably one of the best types of website you can receive a link from.