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Infographics Campaigns Of The Fortune 500

I was recently asked about how many large companies have conducted infographics campaigns. To find out, I conducted a search on Google using the list of Fortune 500 companies with blogs, and found a number of  F500 companies that have run an infographics campaign. 

Interestingly, all the companies I've found are in high tech and telco. I think the type of industry indicates something about infographics campaigns; we are still at early adopter stage for large companies, and tech and telco's use of infographics is very reminiscent of the early days of corporate blogging where tech companies adopted blogging early on.

Infographics campaigns work in part because the creator develops content that brings clarity to a story and has made content that is difficult to describe in text, journalist, bloggers and people on the web and in print want to copy the infographic because it illustrates a story well.

Many important infographics campaigns have launched and bolstered careers and company thought leadership.  See my infographics post from March detailing a few important infographics campaigns over the years.


Speed Infographic

WiFi Infographic



Taxes by State



Cloud 2015 Vision


Delivery Channels



Google Maps for Mobile