3 Social Media Statistics For The Fortune 500
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SNCR Opens It's Research Conference

IMG00016-20101104-0906I'm here at the Society for New Communications Research Gala and Research Symposium. The event hasn't even started, and I'm already glad I came.

The virtual world is important, but meeting people in person cannot be beat. Talking with people about their experiences, latest research and ideas regarding marketing, society and social media.

Jen McClure, Executive Director of the society, opened the conference, and talked about the Giants winning the World Series, and how that team of unlikely winners won the series.

She compared that win with SNCR, and how we started the society five years ago.

Now that we are five years old, we've had 100 people go through our fellowships.

This year is we have more research than ever, the society has published over 200 studies in 13 categories of study.