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The Hyper-Social Organization: 3rd Annual Tribalization of Business Study

Nora Ganim-Barnes Studies On Inc 500, Fortune 500, Forbes 200, Higher Ed Social Media

IMG00017-20101104-0920 Nora Ganim-Barnes, from Umass Dartmouth and head of research for the Society of New Communications Research gave her presentation on here cross studies on the Inc 500, Fortune 500, higher education and the Fortune 500.

Nora's research focuses on social media usage by each of these groups.

Social Media Policy for higher ed - lots don't have a policy. And most have a student who is writing a blog!

Usage of Social media for higher ed - Everything is going up, Facebook, blogging and Twitter.

Measurement for Higher Ed - In 2009 first time google analytics popped up.

How Important For Recruiting Strategy - In the main important, but not as overwhelming as you would think. Deans of Admissions are older, and many still not convinced that direct mail isn't the way to go!

Do you monitor Social Media? - Yes, 73% are checking their online conversations.

Forbes 200

Leading nonprofits are masters of social media, you can volunteer, donate in social media. 97% of the top 200 charities use social media.

Twitter - 90% of the top 200 charities in the US are using Twitter.

Facebook - 96% of the top charities use Facebook.

Blogging - 65% of the top 200 are using blogging.

Metrics - Charities are winning the prize for social media analytics, ahead of all the other groups, Inc 500 etc.

Fortune 500

Company has to make a corporate decision to have a blog. Many of the Fortune 500 have blogs, but you cannot find them on the home page or in search. Once you get into a search engine you can find a blog.

Blogging - 116 have blogs, or 23% of Fortune 500 companies. 22% in 2009, and 16% in 2008

Number of blogs in the 1-100 highest but the numbers have declines. My analysis, lots of consolidation in the industry because of the recession.

Blogger Behavior - 90% of companies respond to comments and email.

Twitter - 60% of the Fortune 500 have Twitter accounts. Everyone likes Twitter. Up from 35% in 2009.

Charities are dominant in social media, higher ed is best in social networking, and Fortune 500 is good at LinkedIn.