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Agile Marketing Sets Realistic Workload Demands

Does Agile Marketing Mean Compromise?

Dimitri Maex and Colin Mitchell from the DoubleThink blog wrote up a post on Agile Marketing. Describing the method's background with software development, and provide an overview of principles for agile marketing.

Agile Marketing is :

Sensitive Keep your senses open to your customers. They define what value means for your organization.
Adaptive Don’t stick to outdated plans – expect change and uncertainty and respond accordingly.
Lean Eliminate waste in the marketing process by focusing relentlessly on the creation of value as defined by your customers.
Fast Be quick without hurrying. Value is created at the “point of sale” – not the “point of plan”
Iterative Deliver today – adapt tomorrow. Test, observe, learn and iterate.

I was wondering with so many marketers being perfectionists, how do you marry delivering today we adaption tomorrow?

Does Agile Marketing mean compromise?