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Agile Marketing Sets Realistic Workload Demands

Xavier Izaguirre wrote a post called "Agile" Digital Communications, where he states:

"If I write a blog post, it should go out as soon as it is finished. If I wait 3 days ( or weeks!) for someone else in a faraway communications department, or legal department, the diminishing returns are massive. If I instead publish the blog post or schedule it to go in one hour for whoever has to see it, I am forcing that person to see it today or, better, to just give feedback when the post is out. That is agile."

I was thinking that agile is about giving people and teams the methods to work together collaboratively, rather than forcing someone to react quickly.  

Setting unrealistic workloads is not an agile approach. In fact its quite the opposite, putting realistic work demands on team members is an agile concept. Team members negotiate and set themselves reasonable demands.  Rather where you succeed is in managing projects so that agile teams split up the time it takes to finish projects  into smaller chunks, running a successful project is not about moving faster overall, but running each element of the project successfully. The speed to innovation and development comes from knowing more quickly if your product/project is working for your customer.

Agile is not about being heroic, but rather being more thoughtful about scope and expectations.