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Agile Marketing Company List

Agile marketing is a new approach, though I'd argue agile marketing gets to the heart of marketing because if marketing is about listening to customers to meet their needs to achieve , rather than selling what you have already, agile marketing's iterative approach gives companies a better chance of building product, services and campaigns that work for customers.

Writing this blog for seven years, I've seen a few cycles of marketing adoption as it relates to social media; blogging, social networking, social media, lBS, augmented reality. How a company participates is more important than whether a company gets involved, that's because goals should drive innovation adoption rather than fascination with the latest new shiny object or trend, just to boast you are in with the in-crowd. But in the very early days it is useful to develop lists of those involved, that's a precursor to asking how are those companies participating, and what value do they derive. To that purpose I've started this list of companies using agile marketing techniques:

HubSpot | Mike Volpe

Novell | Frank Days, Director of Social Media

Outsell | Marc Strohlein, the Chief Agility Officer

Return Path, Matt Blumberg, CEO



Please help me add to the list of companies and proponents.