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WOODSTOCK 2009 (76) Shaun Saunders from Graffiti PR recently contacted me to ask speaking at the PR summit in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, October 21, 2010. I'm not able to attend, but I asked Shaun some questions about the event, and what lessons he has learned from running the PR summit.

John: What is PR Summit?

Shaun: The PR Summit Boot Camp is a one day conference focused on providing up-to-date tools for professionals working in media. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to listen, connect and follow the insights and conversation of media experts in a wide variety of vertical markets and industries.

The PR Summit Boot Camp Conference addresses the changing media & public relations landscape. Industry professionals in a variety of vertical markets and industries will provide attendees with latest case-studies, insights, fresh ideas, tools, and best success practices that can be applied can be applied to a person's skills set.

John: Who is your audience?

Shaun: The audience makeup of the PR Summit Boot Camp is a mix of small business owners, media consultants, public affairs and PR professionals, students, and of course press/bloggers.

John: What were some of the highlights from the last summit? Speakers, events, incidents?

Shaun: Highlights from the San Francisco boot camp included key conversation on how to Cultivate Evangelist and the idea of using Key Words.  Both panel discussions sparked vigorous debate on the value of creating new ways to communicate.

It was an exciting day, because Matt Hicks, PR Manager for Facebook gave a keynote about social media.  Specifically, that social media is no longer optional for PR practitioners, it’s a requirement in their daily repertoire. Just as pitches, press releases and press conferences have been the bread-and-butter of traditional PR, tweets, blog posts and Facebook Pages are the must-haves today.

John: What will people take away from the event?

Shaun: It is my goal, hope and desire that people will walk away from this conference with new ideas and approaches to media relations.  Additionally, I hope that great conversation is created and relationships forged.

John: How are you using PR, marketing and social media to promote the event? 

Shaun: We are utilizing all social media and online mediums to promote this conference, such as blog postings, story pitches to select and targeted media outlets, and creative messaging on Facebook and Twitter.

John: What steps have been most effective in promoting PR Summit?

Shaun: We have experienced a surge of interest from tech media and pr blogs respectively.

John: Why did you found the event?

Shaun: I am very interested in the sharing of thoughtful and useful information to my profession. That said, this conference was created as a think tank where people who are working in media can learn, share ideas and discuss best practices on the issues facing media relations today.

John: What have you gained most from organizing the summit?

Shaun: I gained a better understanding on how to build buzz and conversation, and new approaches to using social media.

John: What tips and lessons learned would you give to other event organizers?

Shaun: I also learned that it is not easy producing a conference with a small team of 1 and some volunteers.  Get help! Get partners. Breath!  I think it’s important to use the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

John: If someone wants to speak or attend the event what do they have to do?

Shaun: Email us at (PR Summit).

John: Thanks Shaun, hope you have a successful conference!