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Corporate Blogs In The Fortune 500

This is a list of corporate blogs run by Fortune 500 companies. According to research, 88 (17.6%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of 01/04/2012.

The table below lists any Fortune 500 companies with blogs, links to one or two blogs owned by the company, and a link to reviews of those blogs. I'm also keeping a list of updates to the table post.

I also list the blogging software used by the blog and where the blog is located: subfolder, subdomain or separate domain.

A corporate blog is defined as: Active public blogs by company employees about the company and/or its products.

Blogging F500 Company Example Blog Blogging System & Blog Location choice Reviews
Advanced Micro Devices AMD Blogs Subdomain of the main domain | WordPress 3.0 John Cass on March 11, 2008
Agilent Technologies Signal Integrity Subdomain of the main domain| WordPress 3.2.1  
Alcoa Alcoa Recycling, CE Blog Subdomain, but not the main domain (typepad domain) | TypePad +  
Amazon.com Amazon Web Services Blog Subdomain, but not the main domain, folder | TypePad  
American Express Open Forum Separate domain |  
Aon Corporation DiversityExchange, Aon Consulting RPO Blog Subdomain, but not the main domain (TypePad domain) | TypePad  
AT&T AT&T Public Policy Blog Separate domain | WordPress 3.0.3  
Avnet The Soft Pitch Subdomain | WordPress 2.9.1  
AutoNation The AutoNation Blog Subdomain of the main domain | WordPress John Cass on March 3, 2011
Baker Hughes Rig Count Separate domain | WordPress 2.9.1  
Bank of America Future Banking Blog Discontinued  
Best Buy Best Buy Community (blogs right nav) Various | Lithium  
Boeing Randy's Journal Folder on separate domain name  
Caterpillar Caterpillar SOS Services Oil Analysis Subdomain on blog vendor's domain | Lithium  
CBS CBS.com Blog Folder of the main domain |  
Chevron Chevron Blog at World Petroleum Congress Blog is located in a folder  
Cisco Systems Cisco High Tech Policy Blog Subfolder of a subdomain | WordPress  
Clorox Company Dr. Laundry Separate domain Easton Ellsworth on Nov 6, 2006
Computer Sciences Outsourcing Blog Subfolder  
Countrywide discontinued    
CSC Team CSC Subfolder  
Coca Cola Coca-Cola Conversations Separate domain | TypePad Li Evans on Nov 10, 2006, Mack Collier on Aug 7, 2008
Comcast Comcast Voices Blog Subdomain  
Davita Davita Blogs Separate domain | WordPess 3.0.1 & 2.8.6  
Dell Direct2Dell Folder on subdomain on Dell.com | Telligent Evolution Platform Developer Build Easton Ellsworth on Jul 13, 2006, Drew Meyers on Oct 23, 2006, and Mack Collier on June 13, 2007
Delta Airlines Under The Wing Subdomain of the main domain name | WordPress 2.9.1

Rich Young on April 25, 2008
James Lutes on May 11, 2008

Disney Disney Parks Blog Subfolder of a subdomain | WordPress 2.8.4  
Emerson Electric Emerson Process Experts Modeling and Control Another domain name | Movable Type Commercial 4.25  
Eastman Kodak Company

A Thousand Words

Subdomain of main domain | Li Evans on Nov 17, 2006, Laura Spencer on January 30th, 2008, and Mack Collier on May 30th, 2007
EMC Corp EMC Employee Blogs Various platforms and domain choices, from TypePad blogs to communityServer 2007 SP2 from Telligent Systems  
eBay eBay Developers Program Blog Subdomain on TypePad Alison Nicole Grise on April 28, 2008
ExxonMobil ExxonMobil Perspectives Blog Separate domain |  
FedEx FedEx Citizenship Blog Subdomain  
Foot Locker Foot Locker Unlocked Subfolder on a subdomain | WordPress 3.0.5  
Ford Motor Company Ford Story No corp blog, but have advocates write content.  
General Electric Company GE Reports, GE Global Research blog Blog is located in a folder | WordPress 2.9 Easton Ellsworth on Sept 20, 2006
General Mills A Taste of General Mills Blog subdomain of main domain | WordPress 3.1.1  
General Motors Corporation Formerly the  FastLane Blog Blog has its own domain | WordPress 2.8.6 Easton Ellsworth on Sept 11, 2006, Easton Ellsworth on Sept 12, 2006, Liz Fuller on January 16th, 2008
Goodyear Goodyear Blimp Blog Subdomain of another domain name | TypePad  
Google Google Blog Subdomain | Google's Blogger Bryan Saxton on May 14, 2008.
H&R Block H&R Block Blog    
Hewlett-Packard Company HP Blogs Folder on a sub-domain of the main domain | CommunityServer 2008.5 SP1 from Telligent Systems  
Home Depot The Apron Folder of subdomain on the main domain  
Honeywell International Honeywell HR Blog discontinued   Cornelius Puschmann on Oct 19th, 2006
Ingram Micro Seismic, Discountined, however, company does have Twitter, Facebook and YouTube  
Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies Product & Innovation Blog Subdomain of main domain | WordPress Katherine Shin on Feb. 8, 2010
Intel Corporation Blogs at Intel Subdomain | Movable Type 4.21 Robyn Tippins on Oct 19th, 2006
International Business Machines IBM Blogs, Guide to IBM Blogs Blog is located in a folder Easton Ellsworth on Sept 25, 2006
John Deere John Deere Blog Separate domain | .NET build
Johnson Controls Your Energy Forum Separate domain | WordPress Easton Ellsworth on Oct 27, 2006
Johnson & Johnson JNJBTW Blog has its own domain | WordPress 2.9.2

Stacey Rogers on May 11, 2008
Rich Young on May 12, 2008

JPMorganChase JPMorgan Actuarial Connection Discontinued  
Manpower Manpower Blogs Another domain name | WordPress 2.9.2  
Marriott International, Inc Marriott on the move Subdomain of the main domain Li Evans on Jan 17, 2007
McDonald's Corporation Open For Discussion Another domain name | Awareness Laura Spencer on April 15, 2008
McGraw-Hill Companies Social Media Directory Lots of social media, and preparing a list of blogs.  
Micron Technology Innovations Blog    
Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Blogs Folder on a subdomain | Telligent Platform CommunityServer Jean Kim on April 28, 2008
Molson Molson in the Community Folder, of a subdomain of main domain | WordPress 3.0.1  
Monsanto Monsanto According to Monsanto Separate domain | WordPress 3.0 Jeff McIntire-Strasburg on March 30, 2009
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Women Financial Advisors Forum Subdomain of main domain | Blogtronix  
Motorola Wireless Insights Blog Community Folder on subdomain of the main domain  
Newell Rubbermaid Graco blog Adventures in Organization Subdomain of the main domain | Typepad Susan Iskiwitch on April 11, 2008, John Cass on Dec 4, 2008
Nike Official Nike Running Blog Sub Folder of a subdomain Sarah E. Essary on April 29, 2008

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Blogs Subdomain | Movable Type 1.52

Li Evans on Dec 10, 2006
John Cass on May 26, 2008

Owens Corning The Pink Panther Energy Blog    
Pfizer Pfizer Science Now Blog Folder on a subdomain | WordPress 2.9.1  
Primerica Financial Services The Primerica Blog    
Proctor & Gamble Notes from the Front line Subdomain of typepad | A SixApart TypePad blog  
Progressive Blog Subfolder of the main domain  
Pitney Bowes Open Mike blogger retired from Pitney   Vincent McBurney on Oct 30, 2006
Safeway The Safeway Blog Folder on a subdomain | Lithium Aaron Uhrmacher on Feb 2, 2009
Southwest Airlines Nuts about Southwest   Mack Collier on Oct. 04, 2007, Paul Chaney (TBA)
Sprint Things That Make You Go Wireless, blog discontinued Folder of a subdomain  
Starbucks My Ideas In Action   John Bell on April 15, 2008
Starwood Hotels & Resorts The Lobby Separate domain | Movable Type Pro 4.21 Laura Spencer on February 21, 2008, Mack Collier on September 11, 2008
Texas Instruments TI Blogs Folder of subdomain of the main domain | Telligent Community platform Last post February 2008
Time Warner AOL's Search Blog    
TJX Companies, Inc. HomeGoods Blog    
Toys 'R' Us Daily Deals Subdomain of the main domain | TypePad  
Tribune Company The Swamp    
Tyson Hunger Relief Subdomain | .NET CMS from Rockfish Interactive  
Viacom International MTV Video blog    
Walt Disney Company Walt Disney Park Blog Folder of a subdomain | WordPress 2.8.4  
Wal-Mart Stores Wal-Mart Giving Blog Subdomain of a separate domain |

Easton Ellsworth on Sept 8, 2006
Krishna De on 10 December 2007
Liz Fuller on March 11, 2008 Mack Collier on May 1, 2008

Waste Management Think Green Separate domain  
Wells Fargo & Company Guided by History Folder on a subdomain | Movable Type Enterprise 4.25 John Bell on April 15th, 2008
Whole Foods Market Whole Story Subdomain | WordPress 2.9.2

Katrina Heilman on May 12th 2008
Olga Walsh on May 20th, 2008

UPS Upside Blog Subdomain | WordPress | WebTrends User  
USAA Inside the Mission Blog Folder on the main domain| Corp CMS? John Cass on September 8th, 2011
Xerox Corporation Xerox Blogs Subdomain | WordPress 2.8.4  
Verizon Communications Verizon Social Media Subdomain of the main domain Robert Longert on July 16th 2008
Virgin Media Movie Editor Blog    
Yahoo! Yahoo! Search Blog   Stephanie L on April 29th, 2008
Yum Brands KFC Nation Weblog    

Thanks to Dr. Nora Ganim Barnes and Eric Mattson for their help in finding more Fortune 500 companies with corporate blogs from their studies on Fortune 500 companies with blogs