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Content Marketing At ConvergeSouth

Jeff Cohen's (HMP) presentation on content marketing. Jeff also hosts a wine video blog. (Lot's of people here in the Triad are into wine and social media!)

White Paper: Traditional form of content marketing, example of an email provider, who wrote a white paper, that generically solved a business's problems with email marketing.

Ebook: Example of David Meerman Scott and his great ebook. White papers for the rest of us.

Website Critique: Jeff reviewed several websites, and gave his impressions of the sites, and how they were effective or not in building an effective content marketing program. Regular content - Jeff thought it was important to have a lot of current news.Organize content - organize your content online, but think about how your customers want to access the content. Calls to action - make it easy to find information that people need to find, including calls to action.

Editorial Calendar: Let's you organize the types of content you are putting out. You can develop blog posts, and tweets, and updates on Facebook. Short URL services provide metrics on traffic to URLs within Twitter, use that data to update your calendar.

Blog: Interestingly, Jeff did not include a blog in content marketing. He suggests that blogs are a way to reveal more about yourself. Example of a fiberglass pool company that started a blog, and their content strategy was to create content that answers people's questions around an industry or topic. Example of HubSpot's CRM ROI management pipeline. Does not have to be all original content, re purpose other people's content and illustrate the content. Need to make a commitment to a blog. 300-500 words is okay.

Infographics: Take data and try to represent them visually. Great way to get people to connect to your content.